Worlds of nature

Nature is a tireless source of inspiration. Its versatility is always breathtaking and recognisable everywhere, both in a large landscape and in a small blossom. The palette of impressions is almost endless: dreamy, hostile, romantic, sober, colourful, barren, inviting, calming, frightening, majestic, overwhelming …

To experience this, you have to be prepared to see. Not just with your eyes, but with your whole being. Only then can you establish a connection, change your role and become a part of the whole instead of a being a distant observer.

In my worlds of nature, the human component plays a subordinate role – if any at all. When it is there, it illustrates the relationship of scale, perhaps even the power relationship, between man and nature. Camera and shooting techniques are chosen to express my impressions in the best possible way.

© 2024 Frederik Tammen

© 2024 Frederik Tammen

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