Fine art

My online gallery is organised like a classic gallery, with rooms dedicated to a specific theme. Step inside and look around. You can return here at any time and enter another room.

Abstraktes Bild aus Island, Landschaft einer Farbbalance aus Gelb, Blau und Braun, Schwefel und Himmel.


Is it possible to capture impressions in a more abstract way? Without “photoshopping”? In these abstractions I have gone new ways to create non-conventional photographs.

Visit this gallery if you want to see what was created “in camera”.

Worlds of nature

In this gallery, nature takes centre stage as a tireless source of inspiration.

Take a look at her many faces and let these work their magic on you.

Where is man going

In this long-term project, I am focussing on the changing role of men in society. It remains to be seen where this development will lead to.

The pictures show men on the move. Where do they come from? Where are they going? Why are they stopping? What do they see?

© 2024 Frederik Tammen

© 2024 Frederik Tammen

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