Frederik Tammen portrayed by photographer Maren Pauly

I am often asked the same questions in my workshops. I take these as an opportunity to tell you a little more about myself here.

“How long have you been photographing?”

“It feels like I’ve been taking photos my whole life. And indeed my photography journey began in early childhood, when I used to grab my father’s camera and head out. This passion for photography has developed steadily over the years, from black and white to colour photographs, followed by developing my own films – all in the ‘analogue age’. I switched to digital photography in 2015.

2018 was a key year; it was the year I turned my passion into a profession.”

“Do you have a favourite motif to photograph?”

“My approach to photography is reflected in my motto: ‘Impressions Expressions’. This means that I don’t commit myself to a specific theme, but that what a motif does to me is decisive. It is therefore important to me to consciously engage with a motif or theme – before I press the shutter release.

I express the personal impressions that arise in this way through photographic interpretation. The underlying sensations are diverse and not only of a visual-emotional nature. Other impulses, e.g. auditory, intellectual or social, can also lead to intensive engagement with a motif.

This perspective gives me absolute freedom in terms of design and photography.”

Schlecht befahrbare Straße im Winter in den Westfjorden in Island.
Achieving your goal often requires precise planning
Skyline von Frankfurt am Main im Winter
The skyline of Frankfurt am Main in winter

“Fine art and commissioned work – can that be combined?”

“Short answer: Yes, absolutely!

In addition: It is important to me that there is a connection with the subject matter when it comes to commissioned work. A purely technical execution of an assignment is therefore out of the question for me. The results would certainly be fine, but my standards go beyond that, also with commissioned work. The focus is always on what is both a passion and an objective: the creation of high-quality and unique photographs.

This approach also applies to the organisation of workshops and my coaching services. It gives me great pleasure to be able to support others in developing their photographic knowledge – be it technical, creative or thematic – and to accompany them on their photography journey.”

“Iceland seems to appear quite often as a motif in your photographs…

“Yes, that is correct. I love the encounters with nature, which makes the balance of power unmistakably clear to people. And Iceland offers exactly that – without ifs and buts. I’m always impressed by the way Icelanders deal with this. That’s why I try to travel there at least once a year.

However, I have travelled to over 30 countries worldwide and there are interesting motifs, themes and people everywhere. If the lighting situation is suitable, the conditions for creating interesting photographs are already in place. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to travel far away. There is always something new to discover in your immediate surroundings. The decisive factors are openness, curiosity and a certain perseverance.”

Iceland – A country without equal

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© 2024 Frederik Tammen

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